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Shenzhen Newfumi Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015
It is a company of providing Barcode scanners, PDA handheld terminals and Face recognition systems for Access control. we are strong in technology and has a high-quality professional R&D team, 
We provide OEM service based on customer’s requirements. All our products have 1-year warranty, during the warranty period, the parts are free to exchange or repair and free consultation service. We gladly provide design assistance, offer free quotes and can help fulfill all of your security needs. Please feel free to contact us for expert advice, sales support, and industry-leading customer service

How does the mobile computer manage your warehouse?

 The warehouse plays a very important role in a whole supply chain, it is one of the ways to improve the company management cost, companies must pay attention to warehouse management. A popular issue of traditional warehouse management doesn’t update real-time data accurately, workers still use manual record the data, which makes higher mistakes rather than using

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Assembly line solutions of industrial barcode scanner in China

The development of factory intelligence and the popularization of QR codes have allowed more and more bar code technology to be applied to the factory assembly line. The scanning module can automatically scan because it is not limited to any location as long as it is hung at a certain point, so that the scanning speed

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PDA Warehouse

PDA Warehouse Management of Handheld Terminal Scanner in 2022

PDA warehouse management plays a vital role in the entire supply chain.The performance of warehouse management has a significant impact on the overall cost of an enterprise. Traditional warehouse management of human manual can no longer be efficient. It is a problem how to realize warehouse management easier and more efficiently. There has a handheld terminal

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How Does a QR code Scanner Work in Vending Machine

Barcode scanner modules QR code vending machines are widely used in automatic identification. it’s a core part of a barcode scanner with independent scanning and decoding functions. most barcode scanner engines have characters of small size, high integration, and are easy to embed in handheld mobiles, and tablet computers. PDAs, kiosks, vending machines, and some

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What The Difference with Green Pass Code and Payment QR code

The application of corona pass code and epayment qr code As the spread of corona is harsh,  Shanghai China increased by 16766 cases on 6th April 6, 2022. The Shanghai government takes the measure that people in Shanghai need to make a virus test every day, if people need to go outside, they have to

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1) barcode type and barcode widths, such as barcode system, number of digits and density
2) The direction and position of barcode pasting, parallel or perpendicular to the scanning light
3) Barcode scanner installation ways
4) Scanning distance, distance requirements between barcode and scanner
5) Price is one the most important
6) Sensors and Alarms
7) What interface is required? Do you need to form a network to access the same server or PLC
8) Interface with the background application system
Usually barcode scanner modules has TTL interface, if you use the arduino or raspberry pi to control the barcode scanner module, you shoud make sure the TTL 12Pins connect to the board correctly
1d barcode scanner is for reading 1d barcodes like  EAN-8、EAN-13、UPC-A、UPC-E, usually it has ccd sensor, 2d barcode usually has CMOS sensor, it can read 1d and 2d barcodes, 2d codes like PDF417 code, Data Matrix,QR Codes,etc
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