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Shenzhen Newfumi Technology Co.,Ltd has found in 2011.
Barcode scanner Factory Newfumi is based in Shenzhen China, Newfumi is a company of providing OEM Barcode scanner modules, fixed barcode scanners and rfid readers for access control. we are strong in technology and has a high-quality professional R&D team
We provide OEM service based on customer’s requirements. All our products have 1-year warranty, during the warranty period, the parts are free to exchange or repair and free consultation service. We gladly provide design assistance, offer free quotes and can help fulfill all of your security needs. Please feel free to contact us for expert advice, sales support, and industry-leading customer service.


2011:Founded as a barcode technician Zhangfu and a barcode scanner sales Leemi in Shenzhen
2012:OEM barcode scanner modules is our core business in China
2013:have 3-5 domestic sales for different marketing
2014:Reached 1million sales target 
2015:Fixed mount barcode scanner scan 2d barcode up to 50-80cm flexiblely
2016:Enter retail industry for cashless payment  
2017:We have won the project of embedded barcode scanners for Shenzhen metro 
2018:We build up a software team 
2019:Start overseas business
2020:During COVID, we focus on facial recognition
2021:have 3 oversea sales and have customers from 30 countries
2022:We are on the way…

Surrender part of the profits
Providing One stop service
Customer satisfaction is our purpose

Our Value

Shenzhen Newfumi Technology Co.,Ltd is one of IoT hardware devices provider in China,we are a barcode scanner factory that provide different type of barcode scanners for different applications, we hope we can do something let IoT makes the world easier, our company biggest goal is customer satisfation, providing the suitable barcode scanners with competitive price to customers,also we provide one stop service as your requirements

Our Dream

Our Team

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