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 Barcode Engineering


1. Mainly responsible for the barcode debugging in the on-site project delivery, including map construction, navigation point setting, on-site calibration and debugging according to the API of each module; 
2. Responsible for the tracking, recording and Summary; 
3. Responsible for tracking and recording various problems exposed in the deployment process and forming standard record documents. When there is a problem with the barcode modules, coordinate and communicate with internal R&D, external suppliers, project parties and other parties. 
Job requirements: 
1. College degree or above, major in computer related; 
2. Familiar with linux system, programming foundation with Python or C++ programming is preferred; 
3. Have engaged in the deployment and debugging of mobile robot on-site laser navigation or QR code navigation system, Rich experience in SLAM mapping is preferred; 
4. Good communication skills, sufficient experience in project deployment and delivery; strong learning ability and problem finding and summarizing ability;
 5. Accept business trips.

 Sales Manager


1,According to the company’s sales objectives, be responsible for the sales of barcode scannerproducts and the promotion of solutions to customers in various industries;
2,Looking for new sales opportunities, continuously developing the industry sales channels of barcode products, maintaining good customer relations, and promoting important cooperation develop, communicate and manage with partners;
3,Be responsible for project negotiation, project implementation and payment collection in the region, and complete sales tasks;
4,Grasp the market dynamics of competitors, collect market information, and provide constructive suggestions for the company’s development;
5,Complete other work arranged by leaders;


1,College degree or above, major in computer, electronics, communication, system integration, etc., accept fresh graduates;
2,Be familiar with Barcode/RFID industryor Internet of things system integration and other related knowledge;
3,Be good at communicating with others, have strong ability of language expression, be good at mining customers’ needs, speak clearly and write well;
4,Good communication, coordination and negotiation skills, strong market development ability, toughness and ability to work under pressure,like challenges;
5,Have team spirit, bear hardships and stand hard work, have a good sense of service and a strong ability to resist pressure

Become a Partner

Shenzhen Newfumi Technology Co.,Ltd has found in 2011
Barcode scanner company Newfumi is based in Shenzhen China, Newfumi is a company of providing OEM Barcode scanner modulesfixed barcode scanners and rfid readers for access control. we are strong in technology and has a high-quality professional R&D team

Our Strength:

1、 Specialized in IOT ( Internet of things ) for more than 10 years
2、 Many kinds of scanners are available for you to choose
Oem barcode scanenrs
fixed mount barcode scanners
kiosk barcode scanenrs
handheld mobile computers,etc
3、 China Top 10 Supplier of Barcode Scanners
If you are intersted to be a partner, feel free to fill the form, we will reply you at the first time
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