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Assembly line solutions of industrial barcode scanner in China

The development of factory intelligence and the popularization of QR codes have allowed more and more bar code technology to be applied to the factory assembly line. The scanning module can automatically scan because it is not limited to any location as long as it is hung at a certain point, so that the scanning speed is fast. Moreover, it saves labor costs and does not need to be guarded at all times. We all know that the production line environment is relatively complex, so a scanning module with excellent performance is very important.


 Generally, a fixed barcode scanner is installed on the production line to identify the barcode on the product on the conveyor belt of the assembly line. However, there are many factors that affect barcode scanning in the factory workshop. For example, due to the clarity of barcode printing, fast product transmission and production scanning environment, barcode scanners must have high-sensitivity recognition capabilities and support automatic scanning and commands. Control and other working modes. The scanning modules used in the factory assembly line have relatively high performance requirements in all aspects. There are many types of barcode scanners on the market, so how to choose the scanner to use?


How to choose a industrial barcode scanner

When choosing a barcode scanner on a production line, the following factors need to be considered:
  1) barcode type and barcode width, such as barcode system, number of digits and density
  2) The direction and position of barcode pasting, parallel or perpendicular to the scanning light
  4) Scanning distance, distance requirements between barcode and scanner
  7) Sensors and Alarms
  8) What interface is required? Do you need to form a network to access the same server or PLC
  9) Interface with background application system
  3) Assembly line speed
          5) Conveyor belt vibration
  6) Does the bracket installation need an adjustable bracket?




We recommend the use of Shenzhen Newfumi Industrial scanning module NFM430 for industrial production lines, with a high protection level of IP54. Even if it is dropped from a height of 1.5meters, it can still be used normally. It is most suitable for use in complex environments. Self-sensing settings Scanning Using a large-angle optical lens, it can quickly identify moving barcodes, megapixel C-MOS sensor, with excellent scanning recognition, NFM430 is equipped with trigger and alarm devices: make full use of sensors to sense products, and read The different states of the barcode send signals to check whether the product barcode is correct, so there is no need to worry about missing and wrong barcode information.


Why choose the industrial fixed barcode scanner for production lines

First of all , it support different scanning methods, most platform barcode scanners support multi-line scanning and single-line scanning modes, while the scanning window of fixed barcode scanners is larger than that of ordinary scanners. We only need to close the product barcode to the scanning window, and it can be successfully read in an instant, which is more convenient to operate. Ordinary scanners, whether it is a wired handheld scanner or a wireless scanner, require a handheld barcode scanner to scan barcodes. Every time you scan the barcode, you need to manually press the trigger button of the scanner. Prolonged operations can also tire the user.


   However, you don’t have to worry about that right now. Due to the continuous upgrade of the barcode scanner technology of Newfumi scanner and the continuous change of the “ergonomic” design of the appearance, many barcode scanners can also support self-induction or long-light scanning modes. At this point, with the scanning gun holder, it is no different from the platform scanning gun.


The most important is the barcode scanner price of different equipment

The fixed barcode scanner of Newfumi has the characteristics of high performance, high strength, dustproof, waterproof, etc., while the scanning gun in the supermarket has a certain IP level, but due to cost considerations, the equipment is less robust than fixed barcode scanner.
Which brand of fixed barcode scanner is better? At present, the popular fixed barcode scanner brands in the United States include Zebra, Datalogic, Honeywell etc., but China factory Newfumi is oem barcode scanner manufactuer, we can provide high performance barcode scanners with competitive price
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