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Industry news of newfumi below is including different types of barcode scanners, fixed barcode scanners, and rfid reader for different ioT solutions. We have customers use barcode scanners for digital ideantification & traceability and track, unified communication for in-store retail, healthcare, QR code scanning e-payment on bus & metro, and scan engine is embedded in EFT-POS, ATM(Automated Teller Machine)
We will launch all the latest news here and most of our customer cases we can share here to more customers as a reference, including technical issues like raspberry pi connection, how to work,etc or application cases like the parking lot, access control, and e-payment. It is also including China domestic customer cases, we have a lot of customers from all over the world, if you need any cases to reference for your project, you can check here
Warehousing & Distribution

How does the mobile computer manage your warehouse?

 The warehouse plays a very important role in a whole supply chain, it is one of the ways to improve the company management cost, companies must pay attention to warehouse management. A popular issue of traditional warehouse management doesn’t update real-time data accurately, workers still use manual record the data, which makes higher mistakes rather than using

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assembly line scanner
Automated Production Line

Assembly line solutions of industrial barcode scanner in China

The development of factory intelligence and the popularization of QR codes have allowed more and more bar code technology to be applied to the factory assembly line. The scanning module can automatically scan because it is not limited to any location as long as it is hung at a certain point, so that the scanning speed

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PDA Warehouse
Warehousing & Distribution

PDA Warehouse Management of Handheld Terminal Scanner in 2022

PDA warehouse management plays a vital role in the entire supply chain.The performance of warehouse management has a significant impact on the overall cost of an enterprise. Traditional warehouse management of human manual can no longer be efficient. It is a problem how to realize warehouse management easier and more efficiently. There has a handheld terminal

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handheld mobile computer
Smart Retail

2022 What is the Most Powerful and Stable Performance Handheld Mobile Computer

2022 What is the Most Powerful and Stable Performance Handheld Mobile Computer? What is the handheld mobile computer?  A handheld mobile computer is a barcode reading device, which is a device unit integrating the functions of a handheld computer and a handheld scanner. It is an automatic device with real-time data acquisition and processing functions.

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