Kiosk Barcode Scanners

Embedded 1d/2d barcode scanners are good for reading phone screen code and paper-printed code on kiosks or vending machines.
【NFM21】 supports USB, and TTL-232 interfaces to meet diverse customer needs.
【NFM24】 supports scanning 1d/2d QR barcodes and NFC cards, if need to scan NFC Cards and QR Codes on Kiosks, you can choose the one 
【NFM25】 is a small-size embedded barcode scanner for kiosks, facial recognition devices, etc. It is a small-size scanner specialized for scanning QR code on the phone screen
【NFM26】 is an outdoor QR scanner, it is well used outdoors, like in parking lots
and vending machines
【NFM29】 supports RS232 interface with IP65 casing protection with high resolution 800×800 CMOS sensor
A series of Kiosk barcode scanners for different applications, it can meet your diverse needs, and also provide customized service of barcode scanners as your detailed requirements

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