NFM306 Stationary Barcode Scanner

Name: Stationary Barcode Scanner
Interface: USB
Dimensions:151mm x 142mm x84mm
Application: supermarkets, retail, stores, etc


  • No need to install any software or app, Plug and play.
  • Super decoding ability, easily captures all common 2D 1D codes.
  • Resolution up to CMOS 1280 pixels (H) x 800 pixels (V),ultra-fast decoding speed.
  •  Hands-free and auto-sense scan design can directly place on the desk, no need to hold the scanner or release your hands.
  • Big scan window design, 360degree omnidirectional scanning regardless of the orientation of the barcode label, will quickly read the barcode.
  • Easily connected to your laptop, PC, or POS. Work with Windows XP/7/8/10, Mac OS, and Linux.

NFM306 Stationary Barcode Scanner for Retail shops 

The stationary Barcode scanner is good for reading 1d/2d QR codes, it has a wide window and high pixel scanner module to scan 2d images, which is widely used in retail shops, supermarkets, stores
stationary barcode scanner
stationary barcode scanner
stationary barcode scanner (3)
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