NFM50 Android Handheld Barcode Scanner

4inch Touch Screen
It adopts a 4.0-inch capacitive screen with a resolution of up to 480×800, which is clearly visible in indoor and outdoor sunlight and low-temperature environments


Express Logistic Terminal Device
Good used for warehouse management, logistics, express etc
All Netcom/Dual-band Wi-Fi/1D2D Barcode Scanning/NFC


Scanning Different Types of 1D/2D Barcodes
scanning different size barcodes


3800mAh lithium battery
Using 3.7V high voltage design and large-capacity 3800mAh lithium polymer rechargeable safety battery, which fully meets the power consumption of equipment during normal shifts. Built-in 150mAh backup battery (can replace the main battery without shutting down)


IP65 Industrial Protection Grade Design
It can withstand a drop height of 1.5 meters on six sides, and can still ensure the normal operation of the equipment even in a harsh industrial environment with dust and water.

Cheap and Small Size Android Handheld Barcode Scanner PDA NFM50 for Logistics

NFM50 is an enterprise-level Android handheld mobile Computer with high performance, good quality, and wide application. 
It is based on Android OS 8.1, adopting a quad-core High-Speed Processor, equipped with the first-class configuration of brand scanning engines such as Zebra/Honeywell. On-the-spot scanning and recognition, accurate and fast. It was born with strong, durable, and ultra-rugged quality with Protection levels up to IP65. 
It provides All-China Netcom (TD-LTE /FDD-LTE) in mainland China and supports GPS/ THE PLOUGH /Glanoss Navigation.
It is widely used in logistics express delivery, warehousing e-commerces, chain retails, manufacturing, food traceability, and other fields.
 With self-developed the Android handheld Barcode Scanner  can meet various operation and management needs of different industries.
NFM50 is committed to improving efficiency, saving costs, and promoting business development and technical progress
NFM50 android handheld barcode scanner


  • Better performance and More Efficient Data Collection
  • Based on AndroidOS 8.1, adopts quad-core High-Speed Processor;
  • Excellent bar code scanning engine, equipped with first-class configuration of brand scanning engines such as Zebra/Honeywell;
  • User-friendly: Scanning Engine Design with 30 Degree Inclination, Making mass scanning easier;
  • Collecting data : read one-dimensional and two-dimensional symbologies accurately and efficiently,
Can perfectly identify stained, curved, and other low-quality symbologies. Fully meet the data acquisition requirements in various application scenarios.
  • Industrial Grade Materials, Rugged and Durable
  • Can withstand harsh environments, passed 1.5-meters falling test, strong anti-crash ability;
  • IP65: Unique machine and kernel seal design, IP65;
  • Anti-wear: best anti-wear keys, Corning Gorilla Glass screen;
  • High-quality standard design: Key connectors passed 3000 times’ plug testing;
  • Long endurance: Adopts 3800mAh lithium battery, supports working the whole day.
  • Efficient, fast, and stable Wireless Communication
  • Support All-China Netcom (TD-LTE /FDD-LTE).Real-time data communication is guaranteed;
  • 4GHz/5GHz dual band wifi; Specially designed for large storage and other complex environments, excellent anti-jamming performance; Industrial WIFI module, provides you with more stable and efficient wireless support;
  • Bluetooth V4.1 + BLE,lower power, faster connection, Perfectly matching mainstream portable printers and other peripherals.
  • UnrivalledManageability

Each android handheld barcode scanner terminal is equipped with MDM management System. Which was self-developed to make security protection in mobile devices, App&Documents, and location management; Safeguarding the operation and maintenance of the enterprise’s terminal assets.

  • Wide Application Scenarios

Warehousing Logistics, Express Receiving, Chain retail, Super Market Management, Manufacturing, Stock Control, Asset Inventory, and Food traceability.


Performance Parameter
Operating system
Android 8.1
Quad core
2GB RAM+16GB ROM; Support for Maximum 32GB external storage
Environmental Parameters/IP grade
Operating :-20°C~60°C ;
Storage: -30°C~70°C
±8KV contact discharge;±12KV air discharge
Relative Humidity
95% RH non-condensing
Height of anti-dropping
1.5 meters (Cement floor Surface)drop protection
Strength of anti-rolling
0.5 meter (500 times rolling by impact force)
Protection grade
IP65 grade
Physical Parameter
171mm (L) ×Widest 73mm /handlebar67.3mm (W) ×scanning head 34.4 mm / thinnest 23.5mm/ battery cover 28.4mm(T)
275g(battery included)
Display screen/  Touch screen
4.0’’, capacitive, multi touch; 480*800 HD screen, ultra wide Angle IPS display, Corning Gorilla Glass
Entity Keypad
26 keys (include Power key, Scan key, Custom key,
Navigation key, Number keys, Function keys );
Super abrasion IML overprint keyboard inside the membrane
Lithium polymer battery, 3.8V, 3800mAh
Bar Codes Scanning
Support one dimensional / two dimensional scanning(Flexible configuration of brand scanning engines such as Zebra/Honeywell)
Rear Camera 5M AF
Indicator Light
System indicator light; Scanning indicator light
Built-in speaker, receiver, microphone, vibrator
USB Interface: Micro USB2.0, support USB OTG          Charging Interface : Micro USB , Optional seat charge
Gravity sensor
Communication Data Parameter
support GPS/ THE PLOUGH /Glanoss Navigation
Network Type
Network Spectrum
FDD-LTE              Band1/3/5/8
TD-LTE               Band38/39/40/41
WCDMA/HSPA       2100MHz /900MHz/850MHz
CDMA1X/EVDO    BC0(Optional)
GSM/GPRS/EDGE    850MHz/900 MHz /1800MHz
2.4GHz/5GHz dual band WiFi; 802.11 a/b/g/n Built-in Antenna; Safety Standards WEP,WPA,WPA-PSK,WPA-V2.0
Voice/Data Service
Support All-China Netcom in mainland China
Bluetooth V4.0 + EDR/ Bluetooth V4.1 + BLE(Optional)
Development Environment
System Environment
Development Environment
Management Software
PC management suite/MDM management system

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