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How Does a QR code Scanner Work in Vending Machine

Barcode scanner modules

QR code vending machines are widely used in automatic identification. it’s a core part of a barcode scanner with independent scanning and decoding functions. most barcode scanner engines have characters of small size, high integration, and are easy to embed in handheld mobiles, and tablet computers. PDAs, kiosks, vending machines, and some medical equipment.

In order to be installed in various applications, the KIOSK vending machine is usually with vertical or wall-mounted type, which can be flexibly installed on the ground, wall, or desktop depending on the application field, and optional serial modules can be selected according to the application requirements. For example, various modular systems such as proximity card readers, magnetic stripe card readers, bar code scanners, fingerprint readers, card issuers, and ticket printers can be widely used in various fields. KIOSK, which is closely related to gold flow, not only has the basic needs of anti-virus and anti-hack but also supports high-speed operation to avoid waiting time for customers. In addition, it will also have anti-collision, anti-scratch, anti-splashing, and other requirements according to the placement site. Nowadays It realized the self-service through vending machines with a barcode scanning engine, and takes more convenience and saves more time.

qr code vending machine

How does a QR code scanner work in vending machines?

first, connect with the barcode scanning module to the host and power supply, sometimes the power supply is provided by the host, otherwise, it needs to connect to an external power supply, it depends on the on-site environment, most mini barcode scanner modules are with TTL232 or USB interface, then you should shut down the host until it connects well, second, setting the communication of barcode scanner and the host by scanning the code on the user manual, the data can be upload to the PC
With the rapid development of the IoT, there are more and more smart devices using embedded barcode scanning modules. as an accessory that integrates the payment scanning function, it gives full play to the functions of automatic identification, collection, and transmission, and helps merchants expand payment channels at the same time. Provide consumers with more convenience and choice.

mini 2d barcode scan engine

NFM25 is an embedded 2d barcode scan engine with a small size and high integrated module. It has a TTL/USB interface. It’s good for reading PDF417, Data Matrix, QR Code 2d code. It is popular use in e-commerce, express delivery services, smart homes, kiosks, automatic queuing machines, vending machines, etc. 
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