self-service vending machine

Self-service vending machine for new retails


Self-service vending machine will be more and more popular for new retails industry 

As the “Smart retails” is coming. It’s time to transfer to traditional retail. The self-service vending machine appears in many retail shops, and several chain supermarkets launched a self-service cashier system self-service vending machine have become more and more critical for China retail shops
Compared with traditional retails, a self-service vending machine that embedded a 2d scanner engine inside
The device is an all-in-one device for reading and collecting the data together; it has a good performance
for reading 1d/2d barcode, combining supermarket merchandise management and cash register systems
POS card payment, Alipay, and WeChat payment interfaces provide consumers with multiple choices.
Consumers only need to scan and enter the product barcode according to the system and select the payment method for settlement.

smart retail

 What the advantage of a self-service vending machine

 Self-service vending machines solves the problems of high cost of online convenience stores

Convenience stores are still standing when companies are fiercely for online customers, which just shows the market potential of convenience stores. The development of convenience stores depends on their advantages, even the stable demand for convenience. Most of the convenience stores are opened within the radius of consumers’ daily life, such as office buildings, communities and other fixed groups of people. According to the living habits of the group, the product sales strategy can be flexibly adjusted to meet the specific needs of specific consumers. But the disadvantage of convenience stores is also obvious, that is, the rising cost of rent and labor, which has overwhelmed many retail stores. self-service vending machines not only have the advantages of convenience and demand stability, but also reduce store construction costs, store rents, labor costs, and improve operational efficiency and revenue.
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