What The Difference with Green Pass Code and Payment QR code

The application of corona pass code and epayment qr code

As the spread of corona is harsh,  Shanghai China increased by 16766 cases on 6th April 6, 2022. The Shanghai government takes the measure that people in Shanghai need to make a virus test every day, if people need to go outside, they have to show the green passcode with validity in 24h on the WeChat applet. If the virus test results over 24h, the color is yellow, if over 48h, the color is red. For some communities, shopping malls if you don’t have green passcode, you can’t enter. But if we use QR codes for e-wallet payments when we buy some things at a shop or store, the QR code is without colors, it has black and white. In the QR code pattern, white squares represent 0, and black squares represent 1.
According to the international standard for QR codes, there are currently 40 versions of ordinary QR codes. The larger the version, the larger the size. The smallest version 1 is a 21×21 square, and each time the version number increases by 1, the side length of the square increases by 4 squares, and the largest version 40 is a 177×177 square. The information contained in QR codes with different densities has different encoded characters and error tolerance rates. The lower the density, the fewer encoded characters, and the lower the error tolerance rate.

Here is the difference between health code and payment code

Although green passcode is just also a QR code, it contains a wealth of data and information. In addition to the necessary basic personal information, there are also authoritative data from relevant departments behind it that the payment code without.  also, the health code provides the public with query services related to their own epidemic prevention and health information. The code assignment rules are adjusted in time according to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control. After using the “green pass code”, users can check whether they are confirmed or suspected patients with new coronary pneumonia, whether they are close contacts, whether they are people who have entered the country in the past 14 days, nucleic acid and antibody test results and other information related to epidemic prevention and health.



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