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Scanning a barcode, you can use a barcode scanner or scan engine, usually it depends on what kind of barcode is, if 1d barcodes,  you can scan it by 1d scanner, if 2d barcodes, usually use 2d CMOS scanner sensor to scan the codes 
Everyone has a phone, it can scan the barcodes when ordering something at self-service vending machine, but for some special applications, there is more requirement for scanning the barcodes,especially like logistics, warehouse, the barcodes cant be keep it in good condition all the time, so workers need the special barcode scanner to scan the barcodes 
There has many free Apps you can generate a code online according your information fill it in, but some are not free. for the barcode scanners, usually it is not providing a scanner free 
There have many different barcode scanners in marketing in nowadays, like Zebra, Honeywell, etc, as a brand device, the warranty of products can be guaranteed,however, it is a good scanner but it is not free, the best barcode scanner  always depends on the scanner is satisfied with your projects
the barcode scanner is a scanner for reading barcodes, the rfid reader is a reader for reading the rfid tags, the most difference is the barcode scanner only scan the barcode one by one, the rfid reader can scan the rfid multiply tags once a time
As the developement of Internet, mobile payment is become popular in China, no matter the young and the old, when people go out to buy something, they usually make payment by mobile phone qr code, it combined with Alipay or Wechat, it takes a lot of conveniently 
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