fixed-mount qr scanner

Fixed Mount QR Code Scanner for Self-service Parking Lot

The parking lot self-service terminal is embedded a QR code engine.”It not only meets the 24-hour self-parking service but also meets the diversified payment needs of car owners’, ” said the person in charge of the parking lot. 

In China, Alipay and WeChat made QR codes for parking payment. The system is connected in real-time. The car owner only needs to call up the payment QR code at the exit, scan the QR code by phone to the scanner, then the railing will be lift. The whole process takes only a few seconds. As the performance of fixed-mount qr code scanner improving, the self-service of payment for parking lot is more and more quickly and flexible.

There has three reasons for choosing barcode scanner payment for parking lot.

1, Passing quickly to avoid the problems that worker managed the parking lot in the past. The charges are not transparent and the time-consuming entering and it takes long for exiting as well.

2, Providing special parking spaces, such as large car parking spaces, novice driver parking spaces, charging pile parking spaces and other diversified and personalized consumption upgrade services.

3, Parking more cars in the same space. For example, a three-dimensional parking garage can expand the number of parking in a unit space. It can solve the problem of parking vehicles in time periods.

Newfumi provides a series of  fixed-mount scanners for parking lot. Also the scanner is good for bus and metro. As the e-payment is more and more popular in China, the most people use the e-payment though qr code for payment and people are willing to use it. It takes a lot convenient and save time for payment.

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