Chinese New Year of The Tiger is coming for 2022

How time flies!
Thank you for all customers support in the past year. 2022 is coming.

Chinese New Year holidays start from 28th Jan to 8th Feb 2022. This is The year of The tiger in China.
As a Chinese saying goes, “When a tiger jumps, it must fall down first.” The tiger has the courage and strength to overcome all difficulties and obstacles. And dream of the journey has never been a beautiful flowers everywhere. The striver is always taking to ascend to the distance, with every dream you power like the wind, on the road of pursuing dream with prance and prevail. We are grateful for 2021 and 2022 is a  new year. We are striving toward dream of the world sky, forge ahead on a new journey and sure our future is infinitely bright.

Most of Chinese will go back to their hometown when Chinese new year holidays. There is an issue that how to pick your parcels up when you are not at office during the holidays?

Using smartphones is the norm. But when receiving your parcel, it make you go back in time to pick it up. If you have the tracking number that you can check online, it will show you exactly when the parcel arrive. It may seems like it isn’t that big of a deal, but once you get used to getting quick notifications about package arriving at your door, you will feel how comveniently it is!

We are specialized in doing AIDC(Automatic Identification and Data Collection) field for digital ideantification & traceability and tracking. It is good for warehouse management and inventory management.

Newfumi thanks all customers support in the past year and we provide a series of OEM barcode scanners, RFID readers,access control NFC&ethernet wiegand, ID card OCR scanners and handheld terminal PDA for you with competitive price and best service. Contact us if you need to know more! 

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