How does the mobile computer manage your warehouse?

 The warehouse plays a very important role in a whole supply chain, it is one of the ways to improve the company management cost, companies must pay attention to warehouse management. A popular issue of traditional warehouse management doesn’t update real-time data accurately, workers still use manual record the data, which makes higher mistakes rather than using a handheld mobile computer to manage

Based on the solution of the handheld mobile computer to manage the warehouse, workers are able to make inbound, outbound, and manage inventory easier if using a handheld mobile computer to scan the barcode on the carton, it improves the accuracy and saves time during the warehousing, it realizes efficient and information-based smart warehouse management


1 Inbound operation

When the goods are delivered to the warehouse, the receiving personnel use the handheld collection terminal to scan the barcodes of the goods one by one, which can quickly and accurately complete the collection of information such as material number, received quantity, production cycle, etc., and transmit the information back to the warehouse management system in real-time. The information is matched and checked to ensure the correctness of the received goods data.

2, Outbound

Workers pick up the goods at the designated location according to the needs of the shipping documents and send the delivered goods to the stocking area. When shipping, the worker scans the barcode of the goods on the carton with a handheld mobile computer scanner PDA and checks the outbound order number on the PDA. If the data matches, the information will be displayed on the screen, and the system will automatically record the information of the goods out of the warehouse to complete the out-of-warehouse operation

3, Inventory

Warehouse staff can clearly know the inventory of goods, the location of goods placement, and the status of goods by querying the handheld mobile computer through the system. According to the inventory quantity displayed in the database, check whether the actual goods are consistent with the data in the database through the handheld computer; at the same time, make statistics on the goods in the warehouse, so that the staff can know the inventory information of the goods in the warehouse and adjust the inventory in a timely manner.
Warehouse management is the core part of the enterprise information logistics system. In warehouse management, it is necessary to achieve accurate and accurate data in and out of the warehouse. The application of NEWFUMI handheld readers in warehouse management not only reduces the workload of warehouse managers, but also improves work efficiency. it can also realize scientific in-out and out-of-stock, accurate inventory management, and help intelligent warehouse management.
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