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PDA Warehouse Management of Handheld Terminal Scanner in 2022

PDA warehouse management plays a vital role in the entire supply chain.
The performance of warehouse management has a significant impact on the overall cost of an enterprise. Traditional warehouse management of human manual can no longer be efficient. It is a problem how to realize warehouse management easier and more efficiently. There has a handheld terminal PDA is a good choice for warehouse management intelligently.
Handheld terminal barcode scannersare mainly used for managing the accurate position of goods, rapid delivery of materials, inventory management, rapid data collection, classification, uploading, etc.

There are some advantages of PDA warehouse scanner for warehouse inventory
Accurate management: to manage the cargo easier, find the cargo’s position easier and faster, improve the inventory efficiency, and reduce the losses of inventory
Real-time data collection: manual input of receipt and delivery information is prone to errors and omissions. It is used to collect barcode data in real-time and improved the accuracy of inventory;
Improve space use:  It can manage the products’ classification and storage locations. It can use the warehouse space reasonably. It also improves the efficiency of replenishment and delivery;
Improve performance and obtain the employees’ performance indicators and enhance enthusiasm and improve the warehouse management efficiency.
Shenzhen Newfumi NFM55 handheld terminal barcode scanner PDA warehouse mobile computer with IP67 Industry design, also The PDA embeds a high-quality 1D laser scan engine or 2Dimage scan engine to ensure fast scanning performance. and it can read RFID NFC ID Card as well. The device optimizes the system and makes the battery work longer hours; It has a wide application with data collector, wireless communication, Bluetooth, GPS functions, and uses customized Apps management and administrator rights to solve the safety problem of Android system data.
The application is for logistics, warehouse management, chain store management, food traceability, medical, distributor management, manufacturing, and assets counting. Contact me if you are interested.
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